Correlation between computerised and standard cognitive testing in people with HIV and HIV-negative individuals


De Francesco D, Underwood J, Anderson J, Boffito M, Post FA, Sachikonye M, Mallon PWG, Haddow L, Vera JH, Kunisaki KM, Sabin CA, Winston A.

Lay summary

There are different ways to measure whether a person has a problem with their brain.  In research studies, such as the POPPY study, the traditional approach is to use a method whereby we ask participants to complete tasks using pen and paper.  More recently, it has been possible to do similar assessments using a computer.  However, we don’t know if the results are similar from these two approaches.  A sub-group of POPPY participants has received both types of assessment.  We therefore investigated whether the results were broadly similar from these two different methods of assessment.  Over