High-risk behaviours, and their associations with mental health, adherence to antiretroviral therapy and HIV parameters, in HIV-positive men who have sex with men


Pool E, Winston A, Bagkeris E, Vera JH, Mallon P, Sachikonye M, Post FA, Pozniak A, Boffito M, Anderson J, Williams I, Johnson M, Burgess L, Sabin CA; Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Observations in People over Fifty (POPPY) study team.

Lay summary

We wanted to describe the overlap between a range of different lifestyles known to be associated with a high risk of poor health outcomes (excess alcohol use, recreational drug use, smoking, higher risk sexual activity (as measured through a reported sexually transmitted infection) among men who have sex with men (MSM) with HIV in the POPPY study.  We were particularly interested to know the number of men who reported 3 or more of these behaviours.  Overall, of the 819 MSM included in the study, 147 met this criteria – these men tended to be younger than those who reported fewer of these be