Magnetic resonance imaging of cerebral small vessel disease in men living with HIV and HIV negative men aged 50 and above


Haddow L, Sudre CH, Sokolska M, Gilson RC, Williams I, Golay X, Ourselin S, Winston A, Sabin CA, Cardoso MJ, Jager R.

Lay summary

We used MRI scans to investigate whether people with HIV were more likely to show findings that were suggestive of cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD).  The study included 38 men with HIV with a median age of 59 years, as well as 37 HIV-negative men with a median age of 58 years.  The men with HIV had been diagnosed with HIV for a median of 20 years, and most had a high CD4 count.  The two groups were fairly similar in terms of their predicted risk of heart disease (very few people had previously experienced heart disease).