Sleep disorders in human immunodeficiency virus: a substudy of the Pharmacokinetics and Clinical Observations in PeoPle over fifty (POPPY) Study.


Kunisaki KM, De Francesco C, Sabin CA, Winston A, Mallon PWG, Anderson J, Bagkeris E, Boffito M, Doyle N, Haddow L, Post FA, Sachikonye M, Vera J, Khalil W, Redline S.

Lay summary

We know that many people with HIV report problems with their sleep.  However, the existing literature on sleep problems in this group is extremely limited. We asked participants in the POPPY-Sleep study to complete questionnaires that would assess whether they were likely to have insomnia or restless legs syndrome (RLS), and measured whether they had sleep apnea (SA).

Research theme