Sleep health and cognitive function among people with and without HIV: the use of different machine learning approaches


De Francesco D, Sabin CA, Winston A, Rueschman MN, Doyle ND, Anderson J, Vera JH, Boffito M, Sachikonye M, Mallon PWG, Haddow L, Post FA, Redline S, Kunisaki KM.

Lay summary

There are many different ways to measure sleep patterns.  Within the POPPY-Sleep study we measured sleep using several different approaches, including a technique known as actigraphy.  This technique monitors periods when a person is active or at rest, and uses a standard algorithm to convert the measurements obtained into a number of measures which summarise both the quantity and quality of a person’s sleep.  We currently don’t know which of the many measures generated are most strongly associated with brain function.   We investigated this in the POPPY-Sleep study.  We did not find any st

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