The predictors of pain extent in people living with HIV


Sabin CA, Harding R, Bagkeris E, Geressu A, Nkhoma K, Post FA, Sachikonye M, Boffito M, Anderson J, Mallon PWG, Williams I, Vera J, Johnson MA, Babalis D, Winston A.

Lay summary

We described the number of people with HIV who reported widespread pain, and investigated whether this was more common in people who were being treated for HIV or who had a low CD4 count.  POPPY participants were asked to shade on a picture the regions of their body where they were experiencing pain.  Using this information, we separated the group into those who had no pain, those who had pain in only a limited number of body sites, and those with widespread pain.  Overall, pain was commonly reported by all study participants in the legs, back and shoulders.  Almost 20% of people with HIV o

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