Frailty analyses


Several other studies have reported rates of frailty to be increased in people living with HIV. This may be related to the multi-morbidity, or high rates of medical problems, reported to be present in older people living with HIV.

Study aims

Our aims are to determine rates of frailty, utilising several different definitions of frailty, in older and younger PLWH within the POPPY study and importantly compare rates of frailty in older PLWH and HIV negative controls.

Work to date

The information required to determine frailty, based on several definitions, have been captured within the POPPY study visits. These parameters include hand grip strength and measurements of sarcopenia on DXA scanning. At the current time, these important datasets are being prepared for analyses whilst detailed analysis plans are being written.

Study group

Alan Winston (Imperial College London), Paddy Mallon (University College Dublin), Manolis Bagkeris (UCL), Caroline Sabin (UCL), Frank Post (Kings College Hospital), Tom Levett (Royal Sussex County Hospital), Contact Alan Winston (