NRTI exposure, age and toxicity


British HIV Association (BHIVA) Research Award



Lead applicant

Marta Boffito, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Poppy applicants

Alan Winston
Caroline Sabin

Other applicants

Laura Dickinson, Saye Khoo (University of Liverpool)

Project award dates

January 2016 to December 2017


The pharmacokinetics of drugs change with age. Whilst tenofovir has been shown to cause toxicity more frequently in older PLWH, data on other NRTI drugs and the potential for them to cause renal toxicity in older PLWH is lacking.  Furthermore, the clinical consequences of available findings relating to tenofovir are unclear and there are no recommendations on individual dose adjustment in the ageing population. This project will perform a bioanalysis of plasma NRTIs in PLWH aged > 50 years in order to investigate whether there is a clear correlation between age, drug exposure and toxicity.

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