POPPY Muscle biopsy study


Wellcome Trust (grant 109975/Z/15/Z)



Lead applicant

Brendan Payne, University of Newcastle

Poppy applicants

Alan Winston
Caroline Sabin

Project award dates

Autumn 2017 to
Autumn 2019


With modern antiretroviral treatment most people living with HIV (PLWH) can expect a good life expectancy. However, it has been suggested that the ageing process may be accelerated in PLWH, leading to reduced levels of health as they get older.As people age, mitochondria generally become damaged. Mitochondria are the tiny ‘batteries’ that produce energy for our body’s cells. Mitochondria are very important in muscle, and it is known that maintenance of muscle strength is important in healthy ageing. This study will assess whether PLWH experience greater damage to their mitochondria than would be expected in normal ageing.If a difference is seen, study investigators will also investigate why the damage has occurred and whether it causes a decrease in strength or physical function.

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