POPPY Sleep: Sleep, Aging and HIV Infection Cohort Study


National Institutes of Health (US), Grant number 1R01HL131049-01A1


Recruitment complete.

Lead applicant

Ken Kunisaki, University of Minnesota

Poppy applicants

Alan Winston
Caroline Sabin
Paddy Mallon

Other applicants

Susan Redline (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, US)

Project award dates

January 2016 - March 2020


Objective data on sleep in persons living with HIV (PLWH) are lacking. This POPPY sub-study aims to characterise sleep patterns in older and younger individuals living with HIV.  The study is recruiting 250 PLWH >50 years of age, 125 PLWH <50 years of age and 125 HIV negative controls >50 years of age.  All participants will undergo overnight oximetry (1 night), actigraphy (7 days and nights) and cognitive testing, will complete the study sleep questionnaire and diary, and will participate in a brief medical history interview with clinical measurements and blood sample collection.

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